Sustainable Beauty

The most sustainable and beautiful architectural surface on the market

The concept of sustainable beauty reflects our way of being and creating as an integral part of all the company’s processes.

Beauty and Sustainability


The new generation of surfaces, Neolith IconicDesign, offers the latest in technological decoration and art. Unique, natural designs with an endless number of decorative resources.

Neolith is one of the most environmentally friendly brands since it’s a surface that has been manufactured from the very beginning with 100% all-natural raw materials, and up to 98% of these materials may be comprised of recycled content which makes sustainable innovation possible.

On the cutting edge of the sector in managing the waste produced by its activities, Neolith uses an excellent and renowned circular economy process to create value, recover and recycle more than 96% of its waste.


Achieving absolute decarbonization with its activities is its main long-term goal.


All the water used in the process to produce the new generation of surfaces, Neolith IconicDesign, is recycled.

Brand commitment to the planet and the society that lives on it.

Neolith places people at the heart of raising awareness, preserving, supporting and informing; taking care of the entire value chain.


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