“Sustainable Beauty”, Neolith’s Forward-Looking Sustainability Campaign

With a firm commitment to building a better world with beautiful living spaces, Neolith is looking to the future by presenting this all-new sustainability campaign as the most environmentally-friendly architectural surface on the market today.

Madrid; March 23, 2023. – Neolith has just presented its new campaign Sustainable Beauty. Through an ode to responsible and sustainable beauty, the world’s leading sintered stone brand is looking to the future and towards building a better world through beautiful spaces meant to be lived in while always respecting and caring for the environment and all the professionals in its value chain.

It’s a message and attitude the company wishes to transmit to its employees as well as the entire community of architects, interior decorators and designers. It’s also for the construction sector, which handles its surfaces on a daily basis, retailers, end consumers and, in short, society at large, so that it can come to life through everyone’s efforts. Welcome to a more sustainable and sensitive world. Welcome to the future.
Through an ode to responsible and sustainable beauty, the brand is allegorically taking a decisive attitude towards caring for and doting on the environment and reducing its environmental impact all while creating spaces to be enjoyed.

Aware of its responsibility as an industry, Neolith has taken a decisive attitude towards improving the environment, reducing its environmental impact and creating spaces to be enjoyed. And it’s doing so under the concept the campaign is named after, Sustainable Beauty, which encompasses three fundamental ideas: Beautiful Environment, Beautiful Creations and Beautiful Community.  

Beautiful Environment is a real declaration of principles that emphasizes nature through recycling, reducing and reusing to make a positive impact on the planet. With a product that’s so closely connected to the Earth, Neolith aims to highlight the idea of caring for the very raw materials nature provides us.  It’s a clear reflection of the sintered stone brand’s way of being and creating with unique percentages industry-wide including the fact that 100% of the raw materials used for its products are all-natural. What’s more, up to 98% of those same raw materials are recycled, up to 100% of the water used in the production process is recycled and 100% of the electric energy used comes from renewable sources.

Beautiful Creations is another statement being made by Neolith as it creates cutting-edge architectural pieces in terms of sustainability and innovation with a well-renowned circular economy model as the first company in the industry to achieve carbon neutral status. It’s an architectural surface that also helps create beautiful living spaces all while setting design trends, inspiring professionals and consumers alike and offering them solutions to turn each space into something unforgettable with an extensive palette of exquisite, timeless colors. Impressive designs with zero limits that evoke sensations through touch like no other.

 Beautiful Community is included as part of its manifesto to describe the brand’s absolute commitment to the planet and the society that lives on it, always putting people first in spreading awareness, preserving, supporting and informing, thus looking after the entire value chain. Along these lines, one significant milestone underlining Neolith’s philosophy stands out in particular which is having achieved a completely revolutionary figure in using 0% crystalline silica in its new formula. To date, this is the lowest percentage in the industry.

“Sustainable Beauty is our sustainability manifesto for creating beautiful, livable and enjoyable spaces with Neolith’s sustainable and responsible materials which not only contribute to bringing harmony and wellbeing to homes, retail projects and city architecture. They also help us make the most minimal impact on the environment all while maintaining the utmost commitment to it and all the people around us,” states José Luis Ramón, CEO of Neolith Group.


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