Neolith obtains the EcoVadis Gold Medal rating for sustainability, placing it in the segment of excellence in the industry.

With this certification, Neolith Group is now officially recognized for its incredible sustainability performance, ranking it as one of the highest valued companies in the sector.
Madrid; March 16, 2023 - Neolith, the global leader in sintered stone which is on the cutting edge of sustainability, design and innovation, has earned gold certification from EcoVadis, the most credible sustainability index in the world, which positions it among the most highly valued companies in the sector. This classification is the result of the firm sustainability strategy Neolith has been carrying out. 

By earning this certification, Neolith has renewed and improved the score it received last year as it is now positioned at the 97th percentile of the industry which reaffirms it is operating in the excellent segment of its sector in terms of its environmental, social, sustainable procurement, corporate governance and ethics commitments. 
For Neolith, this certification offers significant added value as it provides precise guidance on the company’s strengths in order to focus its sustainability efforts. Moreover, it solidifies its engagement with sustainable development upon being recognized as one of the most reliable architectural surface solutions in the world by a company that scores the environmental, social and ethics performance of more than 100,000 businesses operating in over 200 sectors in 175 different countries.

For José Luis Ramón, CEO of Neolith Group, “From the very beginning of our origins, sustainability has been a part of Neolith’s DNA. Earning EcoVadis Gold certification once again makes our commitment to the value chain quite clear and obviously demonstrates we’re on the right path,” he says.

On the other hand, Francisco Mateu, Sustainability Manager at Neolith Group, mentioned that “We’re absolutely confident this certification will mean a boost for the company. It corroborates all the work we’ve been doing for years to attain unique levels of excellence in the industry, and that’s the reason why more and more national and international authorities are working and collaborating with us on a number of different types of projects. We’ve no doubt developed a culture with a sustainable mentality that influences the decisions we make within each team.” 
EcoVadis, the most credible sustainability index worldwide, assesses companies’ corporate policies, initiatives and business achievements in environmental, labor and human rights matters as well as ethics and sustainable procurement.
Efforts in innovation and sustainability

This constant commitment to sustainability has led Neolith to becoming one of the most environmentally-friendly materials available today, inspiring new architectural trends. To this end, Neolith is a revolutionary and innovative architectural surface with superior technical characteristics made of 100% all-natural raw materials.


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